• Consulting and Advisory

We don’t promote any particular product or technology, nor do we promote technology for technology’s sake.Instead, we aim to be the navigator of all things business and IT to our customers.

The basic advisory service presents factors that customers should be considering when making technology choices, in a manner which is comprehensible by technical IT people, technical business people, and the average business owner (and us, of course). Most often, our role is simply that of making clients aware of what is available in the IT domain and shed light on what we’ve seen work and what we’ve seen that doesn’t.We are geared towards staying in tune.

It helps that we have a vested interest for the benefit of our software development business. In addition, our clients’ IT operations deploy a host of solutions for varying circumstances and budgets, with varying degrees of success.We undertake these tasks as small to medium-sized consulting projects and have successfully provided services to large corporates, small-to-medium size business and SOHO customers.

Projects are varied and have included:

  • Interim management of software development teams
  • Interim management of sales teams
  • Request for proposal development
  • Management of the outsourced software development tendering process to appointment of a software development partner
  • Due diligence of existing IT systems and software development programs including functional analysis of software
  • Undertaking the development of comprehensive financial and costing models for systems implementations
  • Developing appropriate business models for deployment whether software licensing, on-going subscriptions, or pay per use
  • SWOT analysis for new businesses particularly where IT systems are a key component of new businesses
  • Various business analysis and systems analysis projects

If there’s a chunk of work you think we can help you with, please speak to us. We’re keen to help where we can.